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Natura-Tec’s Game-Changing Alternatives to Hemisqualane

In the latest edition of Riviera News, Natura-Tec unveiled its innovative alternatives to Hemisqualane, spotlighting the Plantsil™ and Plantsil XLite™ series. These products have been meticulously developed as sustainable replacements for Hemisqualane, a light, non-volatile derivative of sugar cane that has been under scrutiny due to its environmental impact on Brazil’s Cerrado biome.

The Environmental Impact of Hemisqualane

Hemisqualane, typically used in lieu of petroleum-based paraffins or silicones in cosmetic products, offers high spreadability, a non-greasy feel, and quick absorption. However, its production threatens significant biodiversity, raising concerns about its long-term viability. Natura-Tec’s alternatives, crafted from sustainable sources, not only address these environmental issues but also offer long-term cost-effective solutions for the cosmetics industry.

Introducing Plantsil™ and Plantsil XLite™

The Natura-Tec Plantsil™ series, featuring Plantsil™ and the ultralight Plantsil XLite™, closely matches the sensory characteristics of Hemisqualane, as confirmed by comparative studies detailed in the newsletter. Both alternatives provide a high degree of spreadability and a smooth, silky after-feel without the tackiness or greasiness often associated with synthetic emollients. Notably, the Plantsil XLite™ stands out for its light, powdery finish and exceptional efficacy in products like shampoos and makeup removers.

Technical Comparison and Application

The newsletter further elaborates on the technical aspects, comparing the viscosity and sensorial profiles of the alternatives with Hemisqualane in various formulations. These comparisons affirm that Natura-Tec’s offerings deliver comparable performance, making them ideal substitutes in a range of beauty and personal care products.

natura tec plantsil series hemisqualane emulsion comparison

Learn More About Natura-Tec’s Sustainable Solutions

For readers seeking to delve deeper into the specifics of these innovative alternatives or to explore more about Natura-Tec’s commitment to sustainability, further information and detailed data can be accessed through Natura-Tec’s Riviera News, available below.

Natura-Tec Riviera News | Hemisqualane Alternatives
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