Plantsil™ XLite

Ultralight Silicone Alternative
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Natura-Tec Plantsil™ XLite is an ultra-light, plant-based silicone alternative that addresses the growing demand for eco-friendly cosmetic formulations. It is COSMOS approved and stands out for its low viscosity and rapid absorption, making it a viable substitute for cyclomethicones. Derived from renewable and easily biodegradable sources, it offers excellent skin and hair compatibility without any greasiness, enhancing the texture and spreadability of skincare and makeup products while intensifying pigment color. Moreover, it serves as an exceptional conditioner, leaving hair manageable and soft, particularly suitable for fine hair. Natura-Tec Plantsil™ XLite’s versatility makes it an ideal choice for a wide range of cosmetic applications, including moisturizing creams, anti-aging products, shaving balms, lipsticks, and shampoos.

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