Italine™ blends age-old traditions with modern sustainability

Embracing Italian Elegance: Discover the Richness of Akott’s Italine™ Line

Welcome to a journey where tradition meets innovation, where each product not only nurtures your skin but also tells the story of Italy’s rich cultural heritage. Akott Evolution’s Italine™ line, a series of active ingredients that encapsulate the essence of Italian beauty and sustainability. This line now proudly includes the newly launched Italine™ P, a cutting-edge addition focused on scalp wellness. Let’s explore what makes this line not just a skincare routine, but a sensory journey through the heart of Italy.

The Inspiration Behind Italine™

Italy is renowned not just for its art, history, and cuisine, but also for its longstanding tradition of botanical research and use in skincare. Akott Evolution taps into this rich heritage with the Italine™ Line, utilizing sustainably sourced ingredients that promise to transform your skincare routine into an environmentally conscious ritual.

The Heart of Italine™ Line
Akott Italine P

Introducing Italine™ P: Pioneering Scalp Wellness

Italine™ P marks a revolutionary step in Akott’s mission to blend skincare and scalp care into a seamless regimen. Derived from the nutrient-rich pomegranate, sourced from Roman Tuscia, this innovative product offers a “microbiome-friendly” and sustainable solution that addresses scalp irritation, redness, and sebum imbalance, all while reinforcing the scalp skin barrier.

Akott Italine A

Italine™ A: Reviving Naples

Inspired by the vibrant life of Naples, Italine™ A rejuvenates tired skin with an infusion of apple extracts, bringing antioxidant-rich care and brightness to your complexion.

Akott Italine B

Italine™ B: Cilento’s Blueberry Charm

Shield your skin from the digital age with Italine™ B. Harnessing the power of blueberries from Cilento, this product protects against blue light pollution while enhancing skin vitality.

Akott Italine C

Italine™ C: The Strength of Roman Artichokes

From the coastlines of Rome comes Italine™ C, packed with artichoke extracts known for their ability to firm and renew the skin, ensuring a youthful glow.

Akott Italine G

Italine™ G: The ‘Caffè Corretto’ Experience

Merging coffee with the antioxidants found in grapes, Italine™ G invigorates and contours the skin, mimicking the uplifting effect of Italy’s famous ‘Caffè Corretto’.

Akott Italine O

Italine™ O: Olive Wonders from Otricoli

Explore the gentle touch of olives in Italine™ O. Sourced from the serene hills of Otricoli, this product focuses on deep hydration and skin restoration.

Akott Italine T

Italine™ T: Tomatoes of the Peninsula Italica

Embrace the antioxidative power of tomatoes with Italine™ T, designed to combat environmental stressors and promote a healthy, radiant complexion.

Sustainability at Its Core

Sustainability isn’t just a trend for Akott; it’s a commitment woven into the fabric of all their products. The Italine™ Line, including the new Italine™ P, is a testament to this promise, utilizing upcycled ingredients and eco-friendly practices to not only benefit consumers but also the planet.

Why Choose Italine™?

Choosing Italine™ means opting for a skincare line that values both beauty and environmental integrity. It’s about embracing a lifestyle that celebrates the best of Italian tradition while contributing to a sustainable future.

Italine™ isn’t just skincare; it’s a celebration of Italian culture, beauty, and nature. Each product in this line promises to take you on a journey through Italy’s picturesque landscapes and age-old traditions, all while providing your skin with the nourishment it deserves. Dive into the world of Italine™ and let your skin, and now your scalp, experience the luxurious touch of Italy.

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