Italine™ P

A Nutrient-Rich Pomegranate Active for Scalp Wellness
INCI Name: Propanediol, Punica granatum Bark/Fruit Extract, Aqua (Water)
Solubility: Hydrosoluble
Preservation: none
Global & Consumer Certifications: COSMOS approved, Halal compliant, Vegan suitable, ISO 14067
Benefits: Reduction of pro-inflammatory mediators release, optimization of the stratum corneum organization, Scalp redness reduction, Scalp irritation relief, Scalp integrity improvement, Sebum balancing, Scalp microbiome-friendly
Applications: Scalp wellness products, Sensitive scalpcare, Scalp irritation relief, Anti-redness and scalp integrity products, Anti-pollution and antioxidant scalpcare products, Oily scalp and anti-dandruff prevention products,

Manufactured by:

Italine™ P is a groundbreaking, microbiome-friendly and sustainable active ingredient crafted from the nutrient-rich pomegranate cultivated in Roman Tuscia, Italy. This innovative product is clinically proven to enhance skin barrier integrity through the increase of involucrin and reduce inflammation markers like interleukin 8. Italine™ P effectively diminishes scalp redness, sebum production, and symptoms such as desquamation, erythema, burning, and itching. Inspired by the “Healthy Mediterranean Skin Diet,” Italine™ P leverages the biologically active compounds of pomegranate, making it an essential component for scalp wellness products that aim to nurture and protect, mirroring the care given to facial skin. Perfect for individuals seeking a holistic approach to scalp and hair health, Italine™ P embodies the fusion of nature’s bounty and scientific innovation, offering a potent solution for maintaining a healthy scalp ecosystem.

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