Vetivyne™, the fragrance-inspired youth booster

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Vetiver Inspired

Famous for its unique smoky-woody scent, vetiver has been a source of inspiration for some of the most iconic fine fragrances in perfume history. A new way of thinking led to an innovative anti-aging solution with a surprising extra benefit.

Sustainable cosmetic product

Now, for the first time, Givaudan Active Beauty has used this precious natural material to create a powerful and sustainable new cosmetic product. Crafted using a state-of-the-art, eco-friendly process, Vetivyne™ is the very first active ingredient that not only offers cosmetic effects, including special anti-aging properties, but also helps fragrance to last longer on the skin.

Exclusive and patent-pending, Vetivyne™ has been clinically proven to increase skin hydration, reduce wrinkles around the mouth and ‘wake up’ tired skin, leading to a smoother, younger-looking complexion. Clinical testing revealed that it is particularly effective among women over the age of 50.

Vetivyne™ is made from a water-soluble extract from exhausted vetiver roots, a by-product of the extraction procedure used to produce vetiver oil for fragrances. Its exclusive water-based extraction and purification processes are highly respectful of the environment, delivering a superior natural quality.
dried vetiver grass or vetiveria zizanioides and oil isolated on white background.

This ground-breaking ‘upcycling’ approach helps Givaudan to reduce waste and minimize environmental impact, in line with their commitment to sustainability and consumers’ demand for products that are both highly effective and produced in a responsible way.

The extract is achieved via a cutting-edge process is fully natural, concentrated, odor-free, and offers fantastic benefits. By acting on the skin lipids, Vetivyne™ helps enhance skin hydration and suppleness, as well as the skin’s function as a protective barrier.

Rooted in fine perfumery

Following extensive research and experimentation, Active Beauty experts were surprised and delighted to discover that vetiver roots have cosmetic uses on top of their well-known fragrance properties.

After testing Vetivyne™ on a group of volunteers aged 52 to 69, 100% saw a significant reduction of wrinkles around the lips, while over 70% experienced better nourished, more comfortable, more hydrated skin. It has also been proven to improve skin firmness and tonicity and minimize ‘lipstick bleeding’ (the fuzzy effect that can appear when lipstick seeps into the wrinkles around the mouth).

Perhaps the most fascinating finding of all, though, is that Vetivyne™ makes fragrance last up to 25% longer on the skin. This is great news for consumers, as it reduces the need to re-apply perfume and ensures longer-lasting freshness.

A new era

Vetivyne™ is the ideal ingredient for crafting products such as anti-aging or dry-skin serums, night and day creams or skin toning masks. It could also be added to body lotions as a fragrance sensuality booster.

Water soluble, China compliant, odor-free and sustainable by nature, this extraordinary innovation offers exciting new creative possibilities. We look forward to working to design the next generation of natural skincare solutions, bursting with benefits both for consumers and for the environment.

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