The Next Generation Peptide for Instant Wrinkle Reduction

Featuring our partner Bio Genetic Technology (BGT).

The Patented Innovative Anti-Wrinkle Peptide

In the realm of skincare, the quest for innovative solutions that deliver immediate and impactful results is unending. Bio Genetic Technology (BGT) has set a new standard with its latest development, BGT™ TDP-1, a patented anti-wrinkle peptide that promises Botox-like effects without the use of neurotoxins. This groundbreaking peptide not only paves the way for non-invasive beauty enhancements but does so with rapid results visible within just 15 minutes of application.

Innovative Design and Development

bgt peptide technology

The BGT™ TDP-1 stands out due to its unique development process, which utilized artificial intelligence and molecular docking technologies. Comprising a specially designed sequence of 13 amino acids, BGT™ TDP-1 is not just another peptide. Its structure is meticulously crafted to target neuromuscular junctions, providing immediate and noticeable effects on the skin’s appearance.

How Does BGT TDP-1 Work?

The mechanism behind BGT™ TDP-1 is as fascinating as its effects. Typically, when a nerve signal reaches a muscle, it releases acetylcholine, which binds to receptors causing the muscle to contract. BGT™ TDP-1 cleverly interrupts this process by preventing acetylcholine from binding to its receptors. This action keeps the muscles in a relaxed state, significantly reducing the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines.

bgt neuromuscular junction

Clinically Proven Results

What sets BGT™ TDP-1 apart are the impressive clinical results. Upon application, the peptide shows dramatic wrinkle reduction within just 15 minutes, offering a quick solution for those needing immediate results. The clinical studies further reveal:

  • At a 1% concentration, there was a 25% reduction in wrinkles, with enhancements in skin tightness, brightness, and smoothness.
  • At a 3% concentration, half of the panelists noticed a reduction in wrinkles, with all observing improvements around the eyes.
  • Higher concentrations, such as 6% and 10%, showed even more remarkable improvements, with some parameters like skin brightness and smoothness reaching 100% enhancement.
bgt tdp 1 instant anti wrinkle clinical

Instant Wrinkle Reduction Efficacy

bgt long term anti wrinkle clinical

Long-term Wrinkle Reduction Efficacy

A Testament to Safety and Innovation

Importantly, BGT™ TDP-1 is not only effective but also safe and compliant with stringent regulatory standards, including approval for use in China. It offers a clear, liquid formulation that can be easily integrated into various skincare products.

The Future of Skincare

As the cosmetic industry continues to embrace technological advances, products like BGT™ TDP-1 represent the future of personal care — where science meets beauty, delivering solutions that are both effective and safe. Whether incorporated into a morning routine or used as a specialized treatment, BGT™ TDP-1 is poised to become a staple in the fight against aging.

For anyone intrigued by the intersection of technology and cosmetics, BGT™ TDP-1 illustrates how innovative ingredients can transform skincare, offering solutions that were once thought to be possible only through invasive procedures. This peptide is not just a product; it’s a testament to the potential that lies in the fusion of biotechnology and beauty care.

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