NYSCC Trend Spotlight 2024: Ethical Regeneration

Dive into the Future of Beauty with Deveraux Specialties at Booth 955 this NYSCC Suppliers’ Day!

We’re on a mission to redefine beauty standards through our innovative four-pillar approach magnifying into the biggest trends in the Cosmetic and Personal Care industry. Join us on a journey where nature meets innovation, and sustainability meets luxury and discover our comprehensive ingredient portfolio for solutions in Ethical Regeneration, Quiet Beauty, NeuroGlow and Nature’s Embrace!

This Week’s Trend Spotlight:

Ethical Regeneration

In 2024, beauty is not just about looking good—it’s about doing good. At Deveraux Specialties, we’re pioneering the Ethical Regeneration movement, propelling the cosmetic and personal care industry towards a future where every product is a promise of sustainability.

Circularity & Biodegradability

Discover ingredients that giveback to the earth. Our portfolio features materials that enhance biodegradability and foster circularity. By choosing Deveraux Specialties, you’re not just minimizing environmental impact; you’re actively participating in the restoration of our planet’s ecosystems.

Marine-Safe Sun Protection

Protect your skin, save our seas. Our innovative sun care solutions are designed to shield your skin without harming aquatic life. With Deveraux Specialties, formulators can now create sunscreens that care for our coral reefs as much as they do for our customers.

Upcycling & Renewability

Transform waste into wonder. Our approach to beauty is rooted in the principles of a zero-waste approach. We are committed to upcycling byproducts and harnessing renewable resources, reducing waste, and elevating the lifecycle of every ingredient.

Be Part of the Change

Choosing Deveraux Specialties means opting for a sustainable and beautiful world where every choice counts. Visit our virtual showcase to schedule a meet-and-greet with our team at NYSCC Suppliers’ Day and be part of the beauty evolution.

Together, let’s redefine beauty for a better future.

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