Nurturing Baby Skin: The Science Behind Marine OceanMist CL™

Unveiling the Wonders of Natura-Tec Marine OceanMist CL™ for Delicate and Baby Skin

At Deveraux Specialties, we are committed to delivering innovative ingredient solutions that cater to the unique needs of all skin types, especially the most delicate and sensitive. Today, we are excited to introduce Natura-Tec Marine OceanMist CL™, a revolutionary active ingredient designed to repair and balance skin microbiota, particularly for delicate and baby skin.

The Magic Behind Marine OceanMist CL™

Derived from sustainable microalgae technology, Natura-Tec Marine OceanMist CL™ is a groundbreaking active ingredient known for its exceptional skin-repairing and microbiota-balancing properties. This active is produced using patented closed-circuit low carbon footprint photobioreactors, ensuring consistent quality and environmental compliance. The key ingredient, Nannochloropsis Oceanica extract, is sourced from Norway and boasts a high sterol concentration, including cholesterol and polyunsaturated fatty acids (PUFAs), essential for maintaining skin health.

stratum corneum & cholesterol

Skin Microbiota: The Key to Healthy Skin

skin microbiota

The skin microbiota is a complex ecosystem of microorganisms that play a crucial role in protecting the skin against pathogens and maintaining overall skin health. A balanced microbiota is especially important for delicate and baby skin, which is more susceptible to infections and environmental aggressors. Natura-Tec Marine OceanMist CL™ helps in restoring and maintaining this delicate balance.

Repairing and Nourishing Delicate Skin

Natura-Tec Marine OceanMist CL™ is rich in phytocholesterol, which plays a pivotal role in rebuilding the extracellular lamellar matrix, thereby enhancing the skin’s barrier function. This is particularly beneficial for baby skin, which is thinner and more reactive compared to adult skin. The ingredient’s biocompatible composition ensures excellent tolerance, making it ideal for use on sensitive and atopic skin, including that of infants.

Mechanism of Action

1) Barrier Enhancement

Thanks to its phytocholesterol, MarineOceanMistCL™ acts on the abundance of 3 key proteins involved in skin barrier function: Filaggrin, Involucrin and Carbonic Anhydrase 2, whose levels are strongly modified in atopic and sensitive skin. Marine OceanMist CL™ aids in the reconstruction of the skin barrier by incorporating cholesterol into the stratum corneum, the outermost layer of the skin. This helps in preventing transepidermal water loss and protects against microbial invasion.

2) Microbiota Balancing

Natura-Tec Marine OceanMist CL™has excellent microbiota-balancing and microbiota-nourishing properties on dry skin, as levels of both aerobic and anaerobic microbiota are increased, without disturbing the individual microbiome. The unique composition of UFAs in Marine OceanMist CL™ supports the growth of beneficial microorganisms while inhibiting the proliferation of harmful bacteria such as Staphylococcus aureus. This is achieved through the production of free fatty acids (FFA), which maintain a low pH on the skin surface, creating an unfavorable environment for pathogenic species.

marine oceanmist cl aerobic microbiota counts
marine oceanmist cl anaerobic microbiota counts
3) Anti-inflammatory and Healing Properties

Natura-Tec Marine OceanMistCL™ counteracts negative effects of inflammatory responses, reduces skin alterations of sensitive & atopic skin promoting a healthier skin condition. Studies have shown that Marine OceanMist CL™ significantly reduces inflammatory responses and promotes the viability of skin cells. It has been proven to be non-cytotoxic on baby skin, making it a safe choice for sensitive skin applications.

marine oceanmist cl inflammatory response

Clinical Evidence

In clinical studies, the application of Natura-Tec Marine OceanMist CL™ has demonstrated remarkable improvements in skin health. Volunteers with sensitive and atopic skin showed a significant reduction in inflammatory markers and an increase in skin barrier proteins such as filaggrin and involucrin. Additionally, there was a notable enhancement in skin hydration and a balanced skin microbiota, confirming the ingredient’s efficacy in nurturing delicate skin.

marine oceanmist cl clinical study 1

Natura-Tec Marine OceanMist CL™ excels in preserving the natural composition of the face microbiota. Its exceptional microbiota-balancing and nourishing properties boost the levels of both aerobic and anaerobic microbiota on dry skin, all while maintaining the unique diversity of each individual’s microbiome. With Marine OceanMist CL™, the skin’s natural ecosystem thrives, ensuring optimal health and resilience.

marine oceanmist cl clinical study 2
marine oceanmist cl clinical study 3

► The volunteers found their skin smoother and softer, less dry and found an improvement of their skin quality.

► 100% of the panel is satisfied with the treatment with the active formula containing 3% of Marine OceanMistCL™

► 100% of the panel found the cream effective.

Sustainable Innovation for Delicate Skin Care

Natura-Tec Marine OceanMist CL™ stands out as a superior ingredient for delicate and baby skin care, offering robust repair and microbiota-balancing benefits. At Deveraux Specialties, we are proud to bring you this innovative solution that not only supports skin health but also aligns with our commitment to sustainability and environmental responsibility.

Explore the potential of Natura-Tec Marine OceanMist CL™ in your next formulation and provide your consumers with the best care their delicate skin deserves. Check out the flyer for more information:

Marine OceanMist CL – PDS_09-2021.pdf

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