Elevate Your Beauty Game: Discover ANO’s New Soft Focus Addition

Elevate Your Beauty Game: Discover ANO’s New Soft Focus Addition

Antaria’s Alusion is a specialized form of aluminium oxide used in the cosmetics industry. This ingredient is considered safe for human use; it is not hazardous and cannot be absorbed through the skin. Its unique properties make it suitable for creating a soft focus effect on the skin, providing a luminescent finish and superior cosmetic feel due to its combination of diffuse and total light transmittance. This gives the skin a natural-looking soft focus effect and a more even skin tone by enhancing the diffusion of light while maintaining transparency​​.

The product boasts several key benefits:

  • Superior Soft Focus: Achieved through a balance of strong diffuse scattering and high specular transmittance, resulting in a more natural look.
  • Translucency: Its platelet particles lie flat, allowing more light to pass through, brightening pigment colors, and improving the natural skin tone.
  • Strong Adhesion: The clean surfaces of its platy morphology ensure that it stays on the skin longer​​.

Alusion is versatile and can be used in a variety of cosmetic formulations, including sunscreens, eyeshadows, face powders, foundations, lipsticks, skincare products, bath and body products, nail enamels, and even as an abrasive medium for microdermabrasion treatments. It can act as an abrasive and thickening agent or a bulking and anti-caking agent. It also has absorbing properties and a waterproof nature​​.

The product’s safety is further supported by its FDA approval for use in foods and drugs, which supports its non-toxic profile.

Antaria’s non-nano Alusion is Vegan, Halal, REACH registered and COSMOS certified.

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