Deep Sea Minerals for Optimal Oral Hygiene

Hydrasphere™, Deep Sea Minerals for Optimal Oral Hygiene

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In our ongoing quest to deliver innovative solutions for personal care, Deveraux Specialties is excited to spotlight Oriel‘s Hydrasphere™ — a cutting-edge ingredient revolutionizing oral care, gum health, and teeth health. Drawing from the pristine deep-sea waters of Ireland, Hydrasphere™ is a testament to how traditional elements can be transformed through advanced technology for maximum effectiveness.

Enhanced Bioavailability for Optimal Health

Hydrasphere™ uniquely processes magnesium, minerals, and trace elements, ensuring they are in their most bioavailable and absorbable free ion form. This state-of-the-art method allows for rapid absorption, directly targeting cells to foster oral health from the inside out. The ingredient’s role is pivotal as every cell in our bodies, including those in our gums and teeth, requires magnesium for thousands of biochemical reactions every day.

Collagen and Hyaluronic Acid: Foundations for Gum and Teeth Health

Oriel’s Hydrasphere™ doesn’t just supply essential minerals; it also significantly boosts collagen and hyaluronic acid (HA) production, which are crucial for maintaining the integrity and health of gum tissues. Our mouths are rich in collagen, necessary for gum cell regeneration, with gingival tissues consisting of 60% collagen, and the periodontal ligament 70% collagen. Moreover, hyaluronic acid, enhanced by Hydrasphere™, plays a key role in reducing gum disease and regenerating gum tissues, providing a robust defense against oral health issues.

Anti-Inflammatory Properties for Chronic Conditions

The anti-inflammatory properties of Hydrasphere™ are also noteworthy. It upregulates the master off-switch for inflammation (SETD6), reducing key inflammatory pathways and mediators like NF-kB, HMBG1, and MIF1. This action helps manage and mitigate chronic inflammation, a common challenge in oral health maintenance.

Applications in Daily Oral Care

The versatility of Hydrasphere™ is another aspect that makes it a valuable addition to any oral care routine. It is suitable for incorporation into various products, including toothpastes, mouthwashes, and dental fixtures. Each application promises not just enhanced oral hygiene but also a proactive approach to preventing common issues like gum disease and tooth enamel wear.

A Sustainable and Scientifically Backed Ingredient

Sustainability is at the core of Oriel’s extraction and production processes. The patented technology not only ensures the highest quality and efficacy but also aligns with global sustainability standards. Coupled with extensive clinical research and peer-reviewed studies, Hydrasphere™ stands out as a scientifically validated ingredient that meets the modern consumer’s demands for products that are both effective and environmentally conscious.

At Deveraux Specialties, we are proud to collaborate with pioneers like Oriel Marine Extracts to bring such groundbreaking innovations to the market. Hydrasphere™ is more than just an ingredient; it’s a beacon for the future of oral care, promising healthier smiles through science-driven, sustainable practices.

Experience a transformation in dental health that is rooted in the deep, mineral-rich waters of Ireland. Explore the full potential of Hydrasphere™ in the brochure available below.

Hydrasphere™ Oral Care, Gum Health, Teeth Health
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