Be a champion!

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Be a champion: Empower the Athletic Journey

On the occasion of the Olympic Games in Paris this year, skincare products for athletes are back in the spotlight. Many people today lead a healthy lifestyle, which includes regular training. This is not only good for physical health, but also for mental well-being. In times when people are more and more stressed, this focus is becoming increasingly important.

For athletes, the requirements for their skincare are clearly defined: it must integrate seamlessly into their training program: easy to use and ideally multifunctional to minimize tedious steps in the skincare routine and thus save time and money. Those who give their all to their athletic performance also expect maximum results from their skincare products. The products must not only be effective, but also meet specific requirements.

Moisturizing is the top priority in order to optimally nourish stressed skin. Enlarged pores, skin irritation and premature skin aging due to UV radiation are the skin problems that athletes want to combat with highly effective skincare products. However, in addition to effectiveness, the mental aspect is also important when it comes to skincare. If you want to achieve top physical performance in sport, you also need mental strength. Body and mind are closely linked. If our skin is healthy and in balance, we feel good, which in turn has a positive effect on our skin.

Go for performance-driven results and feel the winning touch with CLR active ingredients that redefine excellence. CLR’s skincare experts have crafted formulations inspired by the spirit of champions.

Skincare formulas for champions:

Don’t worry about your skin, focus on your competition and discover formulations designed to make you feel like a true champion every day!

athletic woman holds dumbbells exercising with smile in living room
Get Ready Make-Up Remover

The Get Ready Bi-Phase Make-Up Remover combines effective cleansing with three highly efficient active ingredients for triple skincare benefits.

sportswoman at starting line of athletics track
High Performance Deo Stick:

In the High Performance Deo Stick the combination of three highly effective active ingredients guarantees high performance results.

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Ready to Win Hydrating Serum:

The Ready to Win Hydrating Serum provides a smart combination of three highly efficient active ingredients to help your skin maintaining its balance while you give your best.

black fit athletic woman training for muscle strenght
Go for Gold Postbiotic Care:

In the Go for Gold Postbiotic Care three highly effective active ingredients are included for triple fermentation power with triple anti-aging effects.

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