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Introducing IBR-Dragon® - a natural and sustainable skincare solution inspired by nature. This unique extract is obtained through an environmentally-friendly mechanical extraction process that preserves its botanical composition. The extract is directly obtained from hand-pollinated and hand-harvested dragon fruits, locally sourced in Israel, using a solvent- and water-free process with no added water. Skin microbiota plays a crucial role in maintaining healthy skin, acting as the first protective barrier against harmful microorganisms. IBR-Dragon® is a prebiotic solution that helps strengthen and rebalance the skin microbiota by promoting the growth of beneficial strains and limiting the growth of harmful ones. Its high-level nutrients make it an excellent choice to restore a natural equilibrium to your skin microbiota, preventing dull, dry, and irritated skin.

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Glycerin (and) Hylocereus Undatus Fruit Extract


Benzyl alcohol & Benzoic acid


China Compliant, COSMOS Approved, Full Traceability, ISO 16128, Vegan Suitable


Boosts natural skin protection, Enhances skin radiance, Helps rebalance skin microbiota, Reduces skin redness, Reinforce skin barrier function, Supports the growth of beneficial bacteria, allowing them to better compete with detrimental ones


Makeup, Moisturizing care, Prebiotic skincare, Protective/Defense skin care, Radiance/Brightening care

Microbiota-boosting superfruit to reveal a healthy skin glow!

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