Fighting Glyc-Aging™ with Pink Microalgae Power
INCI Name: Simmondsia Chinensis (Jojoba) Seed Oil (and) Dunaliella Salina Extract
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IBR-SolAge™ is a highly concentrated extract of pink microalgae that offers a powerful defense against the aging process accelerated by glycation, commonly known as Glyc-Aging™. Rich in colorless carotenoids and polyunsaturated fatty acids, it not only protects the skin from sun-induced damage but also smooths skin texture and enhances firmness. Its unique mode of action includes the reduction of Advanced Glycation End-products (AGEs), amplification of cellular antioxidant capabilities, and the mitigation of AGE-mediated cellular signaling, making it an essential ingredient for anti-aging and sun care cosmetic formulations.


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