DL Raspberryketone Glucoside

Your Skin’s Shield Against UV Damage and Aging



DL Raspberryketone Glucoside stands out as both an efficient tyrosinase inhibitor and a potent nitric oxide scavenger. In today’s environment, where factors like UV exposure and daily stress contribute to free radical formation, including active oxygen and lipid peroxides, which can lead to skin inflammation and damage, RKG plays a vital role. Recent studies have unveiled nitric oxide as a significant contributor to skin roughness, aging, and pigmentation issues, making RKG an exceptional solution for anti-aging, skin whitening, and brightening. Its key features encompass melanin synthesis inhibition, active oxygen suppression, lipid peroxidation prevention, and the capture of nitric oxide, resulting in safe and stable formulation options that effectively enhance skin’s radiance, clarity, and youthfulness.