Rice Milk

From Grain to Glamour: High-Pressure Extraction for Unmatched Purity
INCI Name: Oryza Sativa Starch (and) Hydrolyzed Rice Protein
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Natura-Tec Rice Milk, extracted through a high-pressure process for ultimate purity, harnesses the full range of beneficial components found in rice plants, including essential fatty acids, phytosterols, vitamins A and E, ferulic acid, gamma oryzanol, and essential amino acids. This unique formulation combines both water-soluble and lipid-soluble elements, synergistically promoting skin and hair regeneration. With its high concentration of medium molecular weight polysaccharides, it facilitates the creation of conditioning emulsions. Rice Milk is GMO and gluten-free, acting as a superb moisturizer that calms the skin and leaves a luxurious velvety texture. Its rich composition also provides protective and anti-aging effects by reducing free radical formation. Additionally, it easily integrates into bath, shower, and shaving products, alleviating dryness and irritation while maintaining foam quality. In hair care, it enhances manageability, shine, strength, and volume due to its vitamin and colloidal polysaccharide content. This versatile ingredient finds applications in shower products, skin care, and hair care formulations, offering a wide range of benefits for various cosmetic products.


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