Olivoil Fruttoside SB

Patented Olive Oil Fatty Acids, Fructose & Oat Aminoacid Based Surfactant
INCI Name: Sodium Cocoyl/Olivoyl Hydrolyzed Oat Protein, Fructosyl Cocoate/Olivate, Fructose
Solubility: Water soluble
Preservation: Sodium Bisulfite
Global & Consumer Certifications: Vegan compatible, Palm and Kernel Palm Oil free, PEG and Sulfate free
Benefits: Sustainable vegetal origin from low environmental impact on water saving, Skin barrier restoring for a time prolonged skin moisturization, "Quat free" hair conditioning active, Proven in vivo efficacy in hair conditioning / TEWL reduction / softness / tolerability against skin irritation, Foam and viscosity boosting
Applications: Ideal for sensitive skin, advanced hair treatments, soothing and baby care applications, all rinse-off applications as cleansing active, emollient in leave on products

Manufactured by:

Olivoil Fruttoside is a vegetable derived surfactant complex able to build dermo-compatible cleansers and rinse off products, working as a new generation “surf-active”. It is composed of active ingredients as olive oil fatty acids (containing skin friendly unsaturated fatty acids, among which oleic and linoleic acid) oat aminoacids and fructose, able to provide a gentle and effective cleansing action, skin emolliency and barrier function restoring to promote a long lasting hydration and keep the homeostasis of the hydrolipidic film, even when used in presence of sulfates/sulfonates. Specific for hair conditioning, softening and shining. Olivoil surfactants can be used both as primary and secondary surfactants and are ideal for the development of transparent end-products for sensitive skin, baby care, hair care and many other rinse-off applications, with an important impact on eco-sustainability given by their water saving features related to their rinsing off ease.

ECOCERT/COSMOS version: Olivoil Fruttoside BAS

NATRUE version: Olivoil Fruttoside WP GW


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