NUGEN® Benzethonium Chloride

Efficacious Antibacterial
INCI Name: Benzethonium Chloride
Solubility: Soluble in water, lower alcohols and glycols
Preservation: N/A
Global & Consumer Certifications: China approved
Benefits: Strong antibacterial, Not sensitizing, Light in color, Odorless, Can be used in a variety of personal care applications, Has wide range of global regulatory acceptance
Applications: Baby wipes, body and hand wash, shampoos and conditioners, creams, deodorants, eye shadows / creams / gels, face lotions / creams / wipes, foundations, feminine hygiene, lipsticks and lip gloss, makeup removers and mascara, suncare products

Manufactured by:

NUGEN® Benzethonium Chloride is a unique, flexible quaternary ammonium-based antimicrobial compound that can be used as a personal care preservative. It offers greater efficacy, mildness, and safety versus competitive chemistries as an active antimicrobial ingredient and is widely acceptable worldwide as a fast-acting preservative.


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