NaturaVelvet™ Lotus

The Emollient for Radiance & Calm
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NaturaVelvet™ Lotus, an exceptional emollient designed for enhancing radiance and tranquility in cosmetic formulations, offers a unique blend of nourishment and moisture. Derived from renewable natural sources, it combines the skin-loving benefits of Sacred Lotus extract with hydrating Shea Butter, ensuring excellent compatibility with the skin. The extract from Nelumbo Nucifera Root, sourced directly from the Sacred Lotus rhizomes, contributes to a soothing and relaxing effect, resulting in smoother, softer, and toned skin with a brighter and radiant appearance. Additionally, NaturaVelvet™ Lotus stabilizes emulsions, adjusts viscosity, and provides a non-occlusive protective film, making it an ideal ingredient for various skincare products, particularly those designed for stressed skin, promoting skin health and maintaining its natural rhythm.

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