NaturaSoft™ Mango-Refined

Unveil Supple Skin & Lustrous Hair
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NaturaSoft™ Mango-Refined is a natural butter derived from mango fruit, sourced from the fertile Dominican Republic. Its smooth texture is attributed to the balance of stearic and oleic fatty acids, while the presence of ? linoleic acid and omega 6 enhances skin’s barrier function. Enriched with protective unsaponifiables, including sterols, fatty alcohols, and hydrocarbons, this ingredient inhibits free radical formation and leaves a non-greasy, protective film upon skin penetration. NaturaSoft™ Mango-Refined boasts properties such as skin softening, soothing, moisturizing, and cell-regenerating effects, making it ideal for a range of cosmetic applications, including anti-aging creams, conditioners, lipsticks, and body lotions.

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