Rice Milk Reimagined
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Natura-Tec Rizactive is a range of active compositions containing derivatives from rice milk and precious plant extracts, presented in a milk form. These formulations offer the combined benefits of rice milk’s emollient, refreshing, and conditioning properties along with the unique advantages of individual plant extracts. They excel as moisturizers, soothing and leaving the skin with a velvety feel, and they also possess protective and anti-aging qualities. Moreover, they are water-dispersible, providing relief from dryness and irritation caused by surfactants. Each specific variant, such as Orchid Rizactive, Rice & Honey Rizactive, Rose Rizactive, and Sweet Almond Rizactive, brings its distinct advantages to cosmetic formulations. For instance, Orchid Rizactive is renowned for its reparative, protective, and moisturizing attributes, with a focus on reducing fine lines. Rice & Honey Rizactive strengthens the skin and hair’s moisture retention abilities for long-lasting hydration. Rose Rizactive is especially valuable for dry, sensitive, or aging skin due to its soothing properties, while Sweet Almond Rizactive leaves the skin smooth and soft while enhancing moisture retention. These versatile ingredients find application in skincare, bath products, and haircare formulations.

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