The Upcycled Coffee Oil for Well-Aging
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KoffeeíUp™ Grade is an innovative sustainable beauty oil derived from upcycled Arabica coffee grounds, offering exceptional skincare benefits. Its unique blend of saturated and unsaturated fatty acids enables rapid absorption into the skin, swiftly addressing early signs of aging while enhancing antioxidant protection, repairing and fortifying the skin barrier against external stressors, and maintaining optimal hydration levels. Ideal for facial and eye care, as well as anti-aging products targeting initial wrinkles and premature aging, KoffeeíUp™ Grade’s green fractionation process adheres to strict regulatory standards (INCI China EICIC and COSMOS), and it boasts a range of associated claims, including being an active, anti-aging, anti-wrinkle, moisturizing, hydrating, protective, natural, and upcycled ingredient.

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