Geogard® Boost PHC

One-Step Preservation Solution for Cosmetic Applications
INCI Name: Propylene Glycol Caprylate, Phenoxyethanol
Solubility: Dispersible in glycerine, slightly soluble in water
Preservation: N/A
Global & Consumer Certifications: Organic certified, Halal certified, ISO 16128, COSMOS approved, China IECIC listed
Benefits: Phenoxyethanol based, optimized broad spectrum antimicrobial protection with reduced levels of phenoxyethanol
Applications: Creams, lotions, moisturizers, conditioners

Manufactured by:

Geogard® Boost PHC is a phenoxyethanol based, optimized preservation solution. Delivers broad-spectrum of microbial protection with reduced levels of Phenoxyethanol for creams, lotions, moisturizers and conditioners. A single dose liquid solution which simplifies manufacturing processes.


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