Geogard® 111A & Geogard® 111S

Broad Spectrum Preservation Systems
INCI Name: 111S: Sodium Dehydroacetate, 111A: Dehydroacetic acid
Solubility: Water soluble
Preservation: N/A
Global & Consumer Certifications: COSMOS/Ecocert approved
Benefits: Great fungicide, mild bactericide, wide effective pH range, east to use and compatible with most types of cosmetic formulations, compatible with key raw materials, chemical and physically stable
Applications: Baby wipes, body washes and butters, conditioners and gels, deo/anti-perspirants, eye creams/gels, eye shadows, foundations, lipsticks, makeup removers, face creams, oral care

Manufactured by:

Geogard® 111A and Geogard® 111S offer reliable anti-fungal efficacy at relatively low product use levels. Geogard® 111A is based on dehydroacetic acid (DHA); and Geogard® IIIS is sodium dehydroacetate (the water soluble form of DHA). These preservatives have a wide range of global regulatory accepatance for many personal care and cosmetic applications. Test data comparing Geogard® 111A & Geogard® 111S to parabens show higher efficacy and substantially better perofmrance in low to neutral pH formulations.


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