Fillederm Red Power

Upcycled Marine Biomineral Filler
INCI Name: Coral Powder
Solubility: Insoluble
Preservation: none
Global & Consumer Certifications: China approved, ISO 16128
Benefits: Upcycling sourcing from the waste of handcrafted coral jewels, Sustainability project against extensive coral fishing, Soft focus effect for immediate skin flaws and dark circles covering, Skin complexion evening and homogenizing, Skin lightening and matte effect, Mineral SPF booster and skin re-plumping, Sensorial enhancer for emulsions and powders, Skin smoothness and firmness increase, Skin damage repair
Applications: Skincare, makeup, and suncare products

Manufactured by:

Fillederm Red Power is an upcycled Marine Biomineral Filler derived from Mediterranean red corals, addressing sustainability concerns by reducing coral fishing. This ingredient offers multifaceted cosmetic benefits, serving as an anti-aging agent, natural filler, and pigment for skin care and makeup products, imparting a delicate pink hue to emulsions. It also delivers photoprotection, stimulates skin keratinocyte proliferation, enhances skin repair, and provides a texturizing effect, making it a versatile choice for formulations in the categories of Antiage, Make-up, Skin Care, and Sun Care.


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