The Holistic Skin Rejuventator
INCI Name: Glycerin, Water, Laminaria, Japonica Extract
Solubility: Water soluble
Preservation: none
Global & Consumer Certifications: China IECIC listed, COSMOS approved, ISO 16125
Benefits: Epseama manages to reduce difficult-to-remove nasolabial wrinkles by 19% in volume and 10% in roughness in only one month (clinical trial on 19 women over 50 years-old), reduces pigmented spots and improves skin hydration.
Applications: Avant-garde anti-aging creams, intensive serums for facial rejuvenation, resurfacing products, rejuvenation night creams

Manufactured by:

Epseama™ offers formulators a groundbreaking anti-aging solution rooted in the rich bioactive properties of South Korean brown seaweed, Laminaria japonica. Unlike traditional anti-aging ingredients, Epseama™ uniquely modulates the expression of long non-coding RNA nc886, effectively mitigating both chronoaging and photoaging by preserving the integrity of the extracellular matrix and enhancing skin’s self-renewal and self-defense capabilities. Its proven efficacy in ex vivo studiesóincluding an 18-year skin rejuvenation potential, 14.2% increase in skin moisture level in just four weeks, and substantial wrinkle reductionómakes Epseama a versatile choice for applications ranging from avant-garde anti-aging care to specialized nasolabial and lip contour products.


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