Natural Bisabolol for Skin Lightening
INCI Name: Bisabolol
Solubility: Oil soluble
Preservation: none
Global & Consumer Certifications: China / IECIC listed, NMPA registered, COSMOS approved, Halal certified, ISO 16125
Benefits: Light skin feel, Brightening, Inhibits melanin synthesis, Reduces dark spots, Anti-irritation
Applications: Lightening creams, Brightening serums, Anti-pigmented spot-targeting products, Healthy glow products, Dark spots remover essences, Age-induced spot removers, Anti-aging treatments

Manufactured by:

Alpha-Melight™ harnesses the power of natural bisabolol, a compound extracted from the bark of Brazil’s candeia tree, to offer formulators a unique solution for skin lightening and evening out skin tone. It has clinically demonstrated effectiveness, showing a significant decrease in skin pigmentation after just four weeks of treatment, and the results improve further after eight weeks. Not only does Alpha-Melight inhibit melanin formation in a dose-dependent manner, but its natural anti-inflammatory properties also help in mitigating skin irritation, making it a multifunctional ingredient ideal for tackling the complex process of skin pigmentation.


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