Actience™ Fresh

Coolest Skin Pacifier
INCI Name: Menthyl Lactate
Solubility: Compatibility Ethanol: Soluble down to 50% Ethanol in water, Compatibility Oils: soluble, Compatibility Glycols: Insoluble
Preservation: none
Global & Consumer Certifications:
Benefits: Mild to skin cooling properties, Readily soluble in common cosmetic raw materials, Low melting point, Light minty fragrance
Applications: Post workout cooling creams, Soothing lotions, Calming scalp serums, After sun sheet masks, Refreshing lip balms

Manufactured by:

Actience™ Fresh is menthyl lactate derived from menthol, a nature identical cooling agent. It provides an immediate cooling effect and a lasting fresh feel, offering a soothing sensation when used in personal care formulations. Significantly milder to the skin than menthol, it is cold processable and its light minty smell can be easily covered by any fragrance.


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