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Yogurtene® Balance

Yogurtene® Balance is a unique blend that harnesses the power of yogurt's skin benefits and the prebiotic activity of Inulin. Derived from chicory, Inulin is a vegetable fructose polysaccharide that works in tandem with yogurt to support the skin's microbiome. By restoring the microbiological balance of the skin, Yogurtene® Balance helps to promote overall skin health and improve the appearance of the skin.

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Inulin (and) Yogurt Powder


Preservative Free


China Compliant, COSMOS Approved, Full Traceability, Sustainable Sourcing


hydrate skin in rinse-off applications, Hydrating, Maintain skin health, restore microbiological balance of the skin, restore microbiota composition towards a typical younger composition, restore skin’s natural equilibrium


Creams, Rinse-off, Scalp Care, Skincare, Soaps

Skin microbiome rejuvenation for skin hydration

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