DL Tomato Callus Stem Cell Extract

Defense Against UV Rays and Oxidative Stress



DL Tomato Callus Stem Cell Extract harnesses the power of lycopene, a potent natural antioxidant found abundantly in tomatoes, to fortify your formulations. Lycopene, a renowned carotenoid antioxidant, has demonstrated its ability to shield against oxidative stress, as supported by numerous epidemiological and experimental studies. Notably, it enhances the skin’s resilience against harmful UV rays, making it an ideal addition to advanced “Plant Stem Cell Cosmetic” formulas for both facial and body care. Enrich your products with this high carotenoid content extract, paving the way for a vital and healthy-looking complexion while preventing the onset of wrinkles. With DL Tomato Callus Stem Cell Extract, you offer the power of breakthrough anti-aging solutions, backed by proven efficacy on skin cells, and the invaluable marketing advantage of harnessing nature’s treasure trove of carotenoids for radiant skin.