The Red Diamond of the Himalayas

DL Goji Prebiotic™

A Dermal Superfood Prebiotic

For a Beneficial Microbiome and Anti-Aging Skin Care Benefits

Promotes a healthy skin microbiome

Up-regulates laminin expression, an essential extracellular matrix structural protein

Down-regulates MMP1 expression, reducing degradation of collagen and the ECM

Delivers antioxidant protective anti-inflammatory properties

The Goji Berry

Gojigoji berry, or wolfberry is the fruit of either Lycium barbarum or Lycium chinense, two closely related species of boxthorn in the nightshade family, Solanaceae. L. barbarum and L. chinense fruits are similar but can be distinguished by differences in taste and sugar content. Both of these species are native to Asia and have been long used in traditional Asian cuisine.

Extracts from L. barbarum fruit have been shown to possess a range of biological activities, including effects on aging and neuroprotection. Rutin is the predominant flavonoid of Goji leaves. This compound has been recognized for its anti-UV capacity; therefore, cultivated leaves might be good sources for anti-radiation food or anti-UV cosmetics. Other polyphenols including quercetin, isoquercitrin, chlorogenic acid, cryptochlorogenic acid, isochlorogenic acid, p-coumaric acid, luteolin, kaempferol, and caffeic acid, have been found in the leaves of Goji berries.

In addition, Goji leaves have been described as a sustainable source of antioxidant compounds. The biological properties have been related to complementary, additive, or synergistic interactions between the high content of vitamins, minerals (mainly calcium, iron, and zinc), and a diversity of polyphenols, alkaloids, and polysaccharides.

DL Goji Prebiotic™ Product Information

DL Goji Prebiotic™ is a proprietary 5% active solid fraction of water-soluble goji peptidoglycans extracted from 100% certified organic goji berries.

Rich in phytonutrients, vitamins, trace minerals and glycans such as inulin, DL Goji Prebiotic™ exhibits prebiotic effects to promote the growth of beneficial bacteria on the skin.

The antioxidants in present in our DL Goji Prebiotic™ help to reduce skin inflammation, increase moisture retention, promote collagen production and efficiently regenerate skin cells for a soft youthful, even complexion; thereby reducing the physical signs of aging.

Trade Name: DL Goji Prebiotic™

INCI Name: Water (and) Propanediol (and) Lycium Barbarum (Goji) Fruit Extract

Origin: 100% certified organic goji berries

Appearance: Slightly colored liquid

Color: Light red

Odor: Characteristic

Solubility: Water and any polar solvent

Use Level: 2%

Country of Origin: USA


Regulatory Compliance Report available upon request.

DL Goji Prebiotic Peptidoglycan Molecular Structure

Sustainably Sourced

100% Organic

Cultivation does not pollute the environment

Drought Resistant

Derived from harsh and poor desert environment; does not require a lot of water

Sale of Goji Berries

A source of income to the native, rural population

Only Berries Harvested

Plant remains intact for future cultivation

How Does it Work?

In-Vitro Summary

 A complex peptidoglycan that selectively supports metabolism of commensal bacteria, such as S. epidermidis, but not the pathogens, such as S. aureus

Boots LAMC1 and decreases MMP1 gene expression thus promoting dermal structural integrity repair

Free radical scavenger that prevents oxidative damage to cells

Inhibits the production of UVA-induced IL-8, a chemotactic and proinflammatory cytokine produced in the skin under inflammatory stimuli

Goji berry fruits and plants in sunshine garden

How Does it Work?

In-Vivo Testing

ABiCh Logo

Clinical Model

Abich Cosmetic Lab in Montréal (Québec) Canada

Subjects + Inclusion Criteria:
11 healthy female volunteers; 35-55 years old
Fine lines and wrinkles in the face and/or in the contours of their eyes
Visible redness on the skin

Formulation Tested:
Cream with DL Goji Prebiotic™ (2%)
Cream without DL Goji Prebiotic™

Fine lines and winkles, porphyrins

Everyday use of products on each side of the face—same side, same cream for 60 days

Measurement time intervals:
T0 (prior to product application), T2 (2 weeks), T4 (4 weeks), T8 (8 weeks)

Generation VISIA® Complexion Analysis System + Standard Laboratory Equipment

Anti-Aging Efficacy – Wrinkle Counts

In-Vivo Testing

Mean of Fine Line and Wrinkles Reduction

DL Goji Prebiotic Anti-Aging Efficacy Graph

Wrinkle Counts

Subject – ANSO0039

Wrinkle Counts

Subject – ANVA0551

Redness Reduction Efficacy – Porphyrin Counts

In-Vivo Testing

Mean of Porphyrins Reduction

DL Goji Prebiotic Porphyrins Reduction Efficacy Graph

Porphyrin Counts

Subject – ANVA0551

Porphyrin Counts

Subject – GASU0504

DL Goji Prebiotic™ Applications

Skin care products which target age and redness related changes in skin.

DL Goji Prebiotic™ can support claims pertaining to managing the visible signs of wrinkles, promote the skin microbiome’s beneficial flora while delivering anti-oxidant protective anti-inflammatory properties.

This ingredient is soluble in water and any polar solvents and can be formulated into a variety of skin care products including facial creams, gels, serums, eye creams, barrier skin care formulations, sustainable vegetable origin products and body care products.

• Reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles

• Soothes and reduces visible skin redness

• Prebiotic effect for a beneficial microbiome

• Softens and smoothens skin

• Prevents oxidative damage to skin cells

• Promotes dermal structural integrity repair

• Moisturizes skin

• Sustainable vegetable origin

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