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A revolutionary sun protection product that contains a unique, skin-friendly micro-dispersed solid active ingredient. The active ingredient, which belongs to the family of hydroxyapatites and is a basic constituent of bones and teeth. Apalight has been specifically formulated to provide significant sun protection enhancement while maintaining complete physiological compatibility with the skin. In addition to its sun protection benefits, Apalight also has anti-aging and anti-wrinkle properties, thanks to its progressive dissolution by the acid mantle of the skin. The product has undergone a series of in-vivo tests, including SPF evaluations and cutaneous parameters related to skin aging, speed of skin cell renewal, skin moisturization, skin elasticity, and soft-focus effect. The results of the tests show that Apalight performs seemingly better or at least comparable to micronized titanium dioxide, with the added advantage of complete physiological compatibility with the skin. Apalight also proved to have a statistically significant soft-focus effect, reduce deep wrinkles, and improve skin roughness, elasticity, and viscoelastic coefficient.

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Preservative Free


‘’Dynamic’’ specialty: from filtering to anti-aging, Anti wrinkle, Better texture than TiO2, Biomimetic mineral, Decreases skin roughness, Enables to formulate mineral sunscreens with extra light texture, Immediate soft focus effect, It is able to enhance UV protection, Its performances are comparable or even better than Titanium dioxide, Marine environment friendly, No blue whitening effect, No blue-white appearance, Skin elasticity and firmness increase, Smart and time prolonged action, Soft focus effect


Ideal for SPF emulsions, make up (sticks, compact foundation)


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