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Alpin Heilmoor Extract™ (AHE)

Introducing the award-winning Alpin Heilmoor Extract (AHE), a multifunctional active that has been clinically proven to have numerous benefits for skincare, haircare, and oral care. AHE is sustainably developed through a gentle renaturation process, and our minimally-invasive quarrying process reduces waste and water usage while also replenishing quarrying sites with natural spring water to regenerate and increase flora and fauna diversity in the moor. AHE provides a range of skincare benefits, including reducing skin sensitivity, reducing lesions in acne-prone skin, and improving elasticity, hydration, and radiance. For haircare, AHE reduces scalp sensitivity, improves hair flexibility and elasticity, and enhances hair structure, radiance, and strength. Additionally, AHE provides dental and oral benefits, including a whitening effect, reduced dental plaque and gingival inflammation, and improved bad breath.

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Peat Extract


Preservative Free


100% Natural Origin, COSMOS Approved, NATRUE Certified, Sustainable Sourcing, Vegan Certified


For Oral & Dental: Tooth shade whitening effect, reduces dental plaque and gingival inflammation, improves bad breath, For Scalp & Hair: Balances the microbiome, strengthens the scalp barrier, reduces scalp inflammation, slows down the aging process, For skin: balances the microbiome, strengthens the skin barrier, reduces inflammation, slows down the aging process


for rinse-off: Cleansers, masks, peels, gels, soaps, shampoos, conditioners, oral care


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