Natural and Patented Emulsifier
INCI Name: Cetearyl Wheat Straw Glycosides (and) Cetearyl Alcohol
Solubility: Oil soluble
Preservation: none
Global & Consumer Certifications: China IECIC listed, Vegan suitable, ECOCERT/COSMOS approved, Biodegradable product
Benefits: Easy-to-formulate, Outstanding stability in formulas with high oil phase. Up to 50% oil can be emulsified, Stability over a wide range of pH, from 2 to 12, Excellent compatibility with other cosmetic ingredients (sunscreens, dihydroxyacetone...), Microbiome friendly, B-Biome™ Score of “A”, White and unctuous emulsion, Soft and non-tacky after feel
Applications: Skin care products, creams, lotions, balms, hair masks, sun care products

Manufactured by:

Xyliance™ is a natural, skin microbiome-friendly emulsifier derived from renewable sources, certified by Ecocert/Cosmos. This versatile, polyvalent non-ionic surfactant effortlessly emulsifies a wide range of oil phases without the need for co-emulsifiers, ensuring excellent stability in high oil phase formulations and compatibility with various cosmetic ingredients. With a B-Biome™ Score of ‘A,’ it is perfect for formulating sensory-enhanced cosmetics, offering a smooth, non-tacky after-feel while meeting vegan suitability and Cosmos approval.


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