Vitamin F Forte

Essential Fatty Acids Nourishing Skin & Hair
INCI Name: Linoleic Acid, Linolenic Acid
Solubility: Oil soluble
Preservation: Tocopherol
Global & Consumer Certifications: ECOCERT/COSMOS approved, NATRUE certified, Halal certified
Benefits: High potency essential fatty acids for the treatment of dry skin, Repairs and maintains the skin's natural barrier function, Makes skin smoother and softer, Effectively counteracts hair weathering and aging, Improves hair combability and condition, Protects hair against heat and reduces hair breakage, Deeply nourishes and maintains the skin's natural balance, Increases the skin's resistance to external aggressors, Contributes to regaining the skin's healthy water content, Reduces hair fall due to breakage, Revives hair manageability of dry / damaged / aged hair, Helps strengthen and nourish the hair, Smoothes the hair scales
Applications: Moisturizing treatments, hair conditioners, balancing creams, cleansing oils, lip masks, hair oils, scalp treatments, eye shadows

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Vitamin F forte, derived from safflower oil, offers distinct advantages for formulators as it serves as a versatile ingredient. For skincare, it nurtures and safeguards the skin while acting as an effective conditioner, making it ideal for addressing dry, stressed, and sensitive skin. It aids in the rejuvenation and maintenance of the skin’s natural health. Additionally, it serves as a potent hair conditioner, enhancing combability and protecting against breakage. Moreover, Vitamin F forte is available in various forms, including water-soluble options and ester forms, providing formulators with flexibility in product development.


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