Vegan FDS Zinc PCA

Vegan Follicular Delivery Nanovesicles with 3% Zinc PCA
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Vegan FDS Zinc PCA, containing 3% Zinc PCA, combines the skin and hair benefits of zinc and L-PCA. Zinc plays a crucial role in nucleic acid and protein synthesis, cell division, and exhibits antiseptic properties, reducing sebum secretion and bacterial growth. L-PCA acts as a bioavailability enhancer, stimulating epidermal differentiation and fortifying the skin barrier. This ingredient offers anti-seborrhoea, mattifying, anti-acne, and dandruff-controlling effects, while also enhancing the delivery and stability of active ingredients, making it an ideal choice for skin and hair formulations. INdermal’s Vegan products are 100% Vegan-Friendly and free from animal origin ingredients, without altering the efficiency of their systems.

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