Vegan DDS Multivitamin

Vegan Deep Delivery Nanovesicles with 0.5% Retynil Palmitate, 0.5% Sodium Ascorbyl Phosphate and 0.5% Tocopheryl Acetate
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Vegan DDS Multivitamin is a powerful combination of Retinyl Palmitate, Sodium Ascorbyl Phosphate, and Tocopheryl Acetate, each offering unique cosmetic advantages. Retinyl Palmitate stimulates collagen and elastin production, while Sodium Ascorbyl Phosphate provides antioxidant properties and skin tone regulation. Tocopheryl Acetate delivers comprehensive antioxidant action, preventing premature aging. Encapsulated in the INdermal Vegan DDS system, this multivitamin synergy not only maximizes delivery to deep skin levels but also ensures stability, making it an ideal choice for skincare formulations with benefits like collagen stimulation, antioxidant protection, skin tone improvement, and prevention of photo-aging. INdermal’s Vegan products are 100% Vegan-Friendly and free from animal origin ingredients, without altering the efficiency of their systems.

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