Ultra O Active

Nature’s Elixir for Ageless Radiance
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Experience the unparalleled power of Natura-tec Ultra O Activeóa pristine concentrate derived from Olive Oil Unsaponifiables, enriched with a minimum of 85% Squalene. This natural triterpene compound is a cornerstone of sebum lipids, playing a pivotal role in shielding the skin. As an adept defender against UV-induced lipid peroxidation, it preserves collagen integrity while preventing abnormal elastin buildup. Yet, as age progresses, our skin’s inherent Squalene diminishes, making us more vulnerable to environmental stressors. That’s where Natura-tec Ultra O Active steps in. Not only does it absorb seamlessly, rejuvenating and hydrating without a greasy aftermath, but it also boasts a remarkable 45% reduction in AGE formation at just 1% usage. Further fortified with anti-glycation attributes, it mitigates oxidative stress, cutting down free radical production by half at a mere 2.35% concentration. Plus, its SPF-boosting capabilities and pigment-wetting enhancement make it a versatile marvel. And for hair aficionados? It’s a game-changerónourishing hair bulbs, banishing dryness, and ensuring a scalp that’s the epitome of health. Dive into the age-defying magic of Ultra O Active, where nature and science unite in harmony.

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