TroyCare™ BC04

The Ultimate Antimicrobial Shield
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TroyCare™ BC04 stands as the pinnacle of antimicrobial innovation, engineered to safeguard your aqueous formulations against the relentless forces of bacteria, fungi, and yeast. Its rapid action and broad-spectrum prowess ensure that your products remain pristine, warding off deterioration and degradation. The beauty of TroyCare™ BC04 lies in its ability to achieve these feats at remarkably low dosage levels, making it a cost-effective choice for preservative needs. Plus, it’s a conscientious choice ñ formaldehyde- and VOC-free, aligning seamlessly with modern sustainability ideals. Trust in TroyCare™ BC04, the globally approved guardian of your Personal Care creations, to maintain both the quality of your formulations and your peace of mind.

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