SyriCalm™ CLR (PC)

To Soothe, Protect & Strengthen
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SyriCalm™ CLR (PC): Water, Phragmites Communis Extract, Poria Cocos Extract
SyriCalm™ CLR: Water, Phragmites Karka Extract, Poria Cocos Extract

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SyriCalm™ offers formulators a potent, natural solution for combating skin inflammation and stress, harnessing the synergistic powers of Poria cocos and Phragmites. Its unique composition is optimized to soothe irritation and fortify the skin’s natural barrier, making it an ideal ingredient for products targeting post-shave care, depilation, or daily skin challenges. Offering both high efficacy and natural sourcing, SyriCalm™ is a versatile, multi-benefit ingredient that enables the creation of targeted, consumer-friendly skincare formulations.


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