The Microbiome-Activated Digital Stress Defender
INCI Name: Glycerin (and) Betaine (and) Water (and) Gardenia Jasminoides Fruit Extract (and) Maltodextrin
Solubility: Water soluble
Preservation: none
Global & Consumer Certifications: China IECIC listed, ECOCERT/COSMOS approved, Vegan suitable, Halal certified
Benefits: Protects the cutaneous production of melatonin when skin is exposed to digital stress with blue light absorbing properties, Fights against the deleterious effects of digital pollution on premature skin aging, Behaves like a vegetal melatonin-like molecule when activated by the skin microbiome, Has an active part into skin defenses and well-being mechanisms, Reverses visible signs of skin aging while contributing to a general improvement in sleep quality
Applications: Anti-ageing serum or cream, night cream, well-being products, skincare for millennials, cosmetics to preserve from modern lifestyle damages

Manufactured by:

Synchronight™, derived from gardenia fruit extract, acts as a microbiome-activated digital stress defender in cosmetics, safeguarding skin from digital stress. It protects melatonin production, mimics vegetal melatonin when activated by skin microflora, and enhances skin rejuvenation and sleep quality. Ideal for anti-aging, well-being, and modern lifestyle skincare products, it offers blue light protection, improved sleep quality, and natural melatonin cycle preservation as key benefits.


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