Spiraea Exudactive

Cell Cohesion Booster
INCI Name: Propanediol (and) Aqua (and) Spiraea Ulmaria Root Extract (and) Citric Acid
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Spiraea Exudactive offers formulators a unique, eco-friendly ingredient that not only enhances skin barrier function but also provides compelling advantages in terms of sustainability and efficacy. Extracted through a patented aeroponic “Plant Milking” process, this innovation ensures full traceability from seed to active ingredient, and the technology enables multiple harvests from the same plant without causing destruction. Packed with agrimoniin, Spiraea Exudactive has been clinically proven to significantly boost key proteins like desmoglein-1 and claudin-1, leading to reinforced cell cohesion and improved skin hydration, making it an ideal choice for anti-pollution skincare, repair night creams, and reparative formulas.


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