Spider Ester ESO

The Ultimate Sunscreen Shield
INCI Name: Sorbeth-2 Hexoleate
Global & Consumer Certifications:

Manufactured by:

Introducing Spider Esters®óa breakthrough in sunscreen technology. These patented materials have been meticulously engineered to possess a hydrophilic core surrounded by a hydrophobic periphery, creating a remarkable amphiphilic polymer. This unique composition grants Spider Esters® an exceptional advantage with their unrivaled solubilities, eliminating the inherent stability issues often associated with emulsions. Unlike conventional oil-in-water emulsions, where hydrophobic oil pockets are encapsulated within micelles, Spider Esters® take a different approach. When introduced into a polar solvent, the hydrophobic periphery instinctively contracts, minimizing contact with the solvent, while the hydrophilic core responds by expanding, optimizing its interaction with the polar environment. This distinctive behavior allows Spider Esters® to encapsulate sunscreen filters within their core, shielding them from external influences and significantly enhancing their performance. Whether incorporated into polar or non-polar oil-based sun care formulations, Spider Esters® ensure your sunscreen delivers superior protection. We call this phenomenon the “Spider Effect,” setting a new standard in sunscreen innovation.


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