Rice Starch

Harness the Power of Nature for Unmatched Absorption
INCI Name: Oryza Sativa (Rice) Starch
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Natura-Tec Rice Starch is a finely powdered, plant-based ingredient known for its exceptional absorption properties. Its small particle size significantly increases surface area, enhancing its absorption capabilities. When added below 50∞C in cosmetic formulations, it imparts an exquisite soft-touch sensation, while heating it above 70∞C in the water phase transforms it into a gelling agent. This versatile ingredient is perfect for decorative cosmetics, skincare, and haircare products, offering a long-lasting matte appearance in skincare, soothing properties for irritated skin, and oil-absorbing benefits for beautiful hair. Additionally, it allows for the creation of “Talc free” products and acts as a co-gelling agent in emulsion systems when used at higher temperatures.


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