Rice Bran Wax

The Ultimate Occlusive Moisturizer, Inspired by Nature
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Natura-Tec Rice Bran Wax is a versatile natural ingredient sourced from rice bran, rich in high molecular weight monoesters (C-46 to C-66), and containing natural components like Squalene, Tocopherol, and Tocotrienol. This wax boasts exceptional crystallinity and soft oil jellifying properties, resulting in a non-tacky, silky feel on the skin. It serves as an effective occlusive moisturizer, enhances the spreadability of cosmetic products, aids in stable emulsion formation, and creates a protective skin barrier while improving structure and oil retention in decorative formulations, making it an ideal choice for various cosmetic applications, including lipsticks, moisturizing creams, hair conditioners, and candles.

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