Holistic Skin Renewal Accelerator
INCI Name: Propanediol, Orobanche Rapum Extract
Solubility: Water soluble
Preservation: none
Global & Consumer Certifications: Vegan suitable, Halal certified, ECOCERT/COSMOS approved, NATRUE certified
Benefits: Reactivates the natural skin renewal cycle, Activates and protects stem cells, Reinforces skin barrier, Stimulates natural exfoliation, Protects skin microflora
Applications: Creams for dry skin, face and body anti-aging night or day creams, body lotions for dry and thick skin, skin microflora protecting creams, regenerating body sprays, active moisturizing lotion, dermocosmetic products, skin renewal serum

Manufactured by:

Revivyl™, derived from the unique chlorophyll-free plant Orobanche rapum, found in synergy with Cytisus scoparius, offers a range of cosmetic advantages for formulations. It reactivates the skin’s natural renewal cycle, activates and safeguards stem cells, strengthens the skin barrier, promotes natural exfoliation, and protects skin microflora. Ideal for skin renewal activation, resurfacing, regeneration, treating dry skin, anti-aging, wrinkle reduction, moisturization, and enhancing the skin’s natural exfoliation and microbiota protection.


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