PrimalHyal™ Hydra[+]

Redefing Gold Standard for Hydration
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PrimalHyal™ Hydra[+] redefines the gold standard for hydration in cosmetic formulations. This innovative cationic hyaluronic acid, produced through white biotechnology, surpasses the conventional benefits of hyaluronic acid by at least twice, delivering unprecedented moisturizing effectiveness in both rinse-off and leave-on applications. It offers instant skin hydration, ensuring long-term moisture retention while strengthening the skin’s barrier function by enhancing lipid and protein production. These hydrating benefits persist for up to four days, making it ideal for a range of products, including hydrating cleansing lotions, moisturizing body creams, shower gels, and masks. PrimalHyal™ Hydra[+] complies with INCI China IECIC regulations and is suitable for vegans, offering claims of a new HA generation, flash moisturizing, improved skin adhesion, and skin barrier reinforcement.

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