Potent Upcycled Antioxidant from Mediterranean Heritage
INCI Name: Olea Europaea (Olive) Fruit Extract
Solubility: Water soluble
Preservation: none
Global & Consumer Certifications: China IECIC listed, Vegan suitable, Halal certified, ECOCERT/COSMOS approved
Benefits: Protects the skin from variety of oxidative attacks, Acts as anti-ageing and antioxidant agent, Decreases the formation of free radical scavengers
Applications: Skin care products , sun care products , after sun products , antiaging lotions, around the eye and anti wrinkle treatments

Manufactured by:

Opextan® is a revolutionary cosmetic ingredient derived from olive pomace, the residual paste obtained after olive oil extraction. This innovative upcycled active is a rich source of verbacoside, a potent phenol found in olive trees, renowned for its exceptional antioxidant properties. Opextan® provides multifaceted benefits for skincare formulations, offering protection against various oxidative stressors, serving as an effective anti-aging agent, and reducing the formation of free radicals. It finds versatile applications in face care, anti-aging, and antioxidant products, embodying eco-consciousness with its green fractionation origin and meeting regulatory standards such as INCI China IECIC and COSMOS, while proudly bearing claims of being a natural, upcycled, and vegan suitable ingredient.


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