Olivoil Glutamate SP

Patented Olive Oil Fatty Acids & Glutamic Acid Powder-Based Surfactant
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Olivoil Glutamate SP is a patented, vegetable-derived anionic surfactant concentrated in glycerin, perfect for crafting skin-friendly cleansers and rinse-off products. It combines olive oil fatty acids and glutamic acid, providing gentle yet effective cleansing, skin emolliency, and barrier function restoration. This surfactant not only promotes long-lasting hydration but also supports eco-sustainability by reducing water usage (requiring 40% less rinsing water than sulfates and betaines) and enabling waterless and solid cosmetic formulations, all while being preservative-free. Ideal for various applications such as anti-aging, body care, hair care, and skin care, Olivoil surfactants are versatile and environmentally conscious ingredients.

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