Olive Wax

Superior Nourishment for Fragile Skin
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Natura-Tec Olive Wax, derived directly from Olive Oil, offers superior nourishment for fragile skin. With a higher melting point than Olive Butter, it provides excellent consistency for anhydrous systems and emulsions. This versatile ingredient can replace synthetic waxes in natural formulations, aiding in stable emulsion formation, acting as a consistency regulator, and creating a protective skin barrier. Natura-Tec Olive Wax’s compatibility with skin lipids helps restore the hydrolipidic film, maintaining skin softness and preventing dryness, making it ideal for skincare products. Additionally, it enhances structure, firmness, adhesion, pay-off, and mold release in decorative formulations, such as lipstick, eyeliner, mascara, and more.

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