NaturaSoft™ Shea W-Refined

Moisturizing & Regenerative Emollient for Skin and Hair
INCI Name: Butyrospermum Parkii Butter
Solubility: Oil soluble
Preservation: none
Global & Consumer Certifications: China approved
Benefits: Ideal for anti-aging and moisturizing formulations, Protective properties that inhibit the formation of free radicals, Restores smoothness and suppleness to skin and hair, Helps to retain the elasticity of the skin
Applications: Moisturizing and anti-aging creams, hand creams, shampoos and conditioners, lipsticks and balms, sun care and after sun products, soaps

Manufactured by:

NaturaSoft™ Shea W-Refined is a versatile cosmetic emollient with exceptional moisturizing and regenerative properties, suitable for both skin and hair care applications. Derived from traditional wild shea nut collection in West Africa and refined to a white to off-white quality product, it offers a low odor and white color, making it ideal for modern skincare formulations, particularly in anti-aging and moisturizing products. This ingredient not only protects the skin and hair but also inhibits free radical formation, restoring smoothness, suppleness, and elasticity, making it a valuable addition to a wide range of cosmetic formulations, including hand creams, sun care, hair products, lip care, and soaps.


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